How to recondition the lead-acid battery of your car in 2021

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battery reconditioning

Introduction :

Battery reconditioning is one of the next eco-friendly ways to reduce your footprint right now. Saving cash by re-conditioning electrical batteries is appealing due to the very high cost of electrical batteries and their short lifetime. With all the portable battery-powered devices and electrically powered vehicles on the market today, it is more important than ever to learn how to reuse the batteries. You can always revive used or old batteries. This practice you can certainly follow along with battery recycling.

You only need a battery reconditioning program and you can move into the reconditioning of cars, bikes, wheelchairs and marine batteries; along with other lead-acid electrical batteries. Battery reconditioning involves a bit of understanding and a few cheap materials. Almost everyone can do it, but we should first know how the battery functions.

Your car’s battery should be around 3 to 5 years old. But many people find that they have to replace their car battery every 1 to 2 years. Why is it like this?…. And what can you do to prolong the battery life of your car?

I will show you why car batteries die quickly and what you can do to prevent this by having. I will also give you 8 simple tips to maximize the life of your car 12-volt battery.

First of all, you should know that every car battery has a limit on its lifespan (but most people kill their batteries well ahead of time)

First of all, every car has a battery age limit.

Even if you take full care of your car’s battery, it will die one day. The age of this set is called the “calendar life” of the battery and is completely independent of how often the battery has been charged or discharged.

Once a battery reaches the end of its “calendar life”, it will become useless. Yet most of the auto batteries never make it their full calendar. Also, they die quickly due to poor maintenance and care. There is something you can do about it.

A brief background about lead-acid batteries before 8 battery tips and tricks:-

The lead-acid battery is the oldest, most reliable and most widely used type of rechargeable batteries in the world.

Lead acid batteries have three life stages – formatting, peak and drop.

  • Formatting occurs when the battery is new and needs to be used slowly.
  • The peak is an ideal performance phase, which we want to maintain as long as possible.
  • The decline is a slow process, but one that ends gradually in termination of battery

Batteries can still be used for a long time in the fall but must be seen. Around this time, you can either repair the battery, recycle or keep a close watch on it and try to replace it before a problem arises (such as being unable to start your car for work).

Top 8 Tips to prolong the battery life of your car

Tip 1: Do a monthly inspection of the battery terminals to ensure that they are clean and corrosive free

One of the first problems with most people’s car batteries is built over corrosion around terminals. Corrosion destroys the connection between battery and vehicle and many batteries are replaced to make it very corrosive.

But oftentimes, it can be easily treated by simply putting a small amount of Cola or a DIY anti-rust paste (one part water to three parts baking soda) In chorded areas. Alkaline properties in the acid or alkaline anti-rust paste in the cola will eat away the rust.

After the rust is gone, use a clean damp rag or sponge to clean. Residue and moisture remaining. Make careful to let it rinse, then rub some petroleum jelly onto the terminals to avoid possible corrosion.

Tip 2: Do not operate any car accessories (radio, lights or electronics) before turning on the ignition of the car and driving the car

When the car turns on, the car alternator generates electricity and charges the car. There is a voltage drop in the battery after the battery. But if the car is not on, and you are using the car’s electronics, then you are dependent on the car’s battery to power those electronics. It is harmful to the car battery because car batteries are not meant for this kind of use.

Instead, the car’s battery is meant to provide sudden burst power for ignition. They are not meant to provide long-term power for electronics and other appliances (Whether would be for a deep cycle lead-acid battery).

Using your car battery as a battery that powers electronics instead of batteries. It just gives you a ball of electricity for ignition, will damage the battery a lot If it is used repeatedly in this style, shorten it. Therefore, you should always avoid operating any car accessories or electronics when the car is stopped.

Tip 3: Make sure the car battery is safe and has good battery cables

The battery has to be protected at all times. If a battery is going around, it will malfunction and a short circuit may occur. This will ruin the battery – and may even damage your car, posing a safety risk.

This can happen if you have bad battery cables (or they are not connected properly). So check your cables and make sure they also have a secure connection.

Tip 4: Insulate your car battery with extreme temperature changes

Big changes in temperature will help protect your car’s battery wear. To do this you can use the car battery insulation kit. These kits are already installed in newer model cars. You can easily set yourself up if your car doesn’t have one.

Just make sure that it fits in the battery compartment of your car. Typically the companies selling these battery insulation kits will have a form on their website where you can put the model and year of your car, and it will tell you if your battery will fit in their kit – like here (on the page up). These protective battery sleeves are usually made of plastic or an acid-resistant, thermally resistant material. These car battery insulation kits will insulate your battery and protect it while allowing proper ventilation.

Tip 5: Fully charge your car battery at least once a week (use a car battery charger or interchange battery if you have one)

Your car battery runs out even when the car is off. This is because the current is drawn from the battery by the car accessories i.e.Radio, Lights, etc. or car computers. But to prevent this, you can use a car battery charger or solar battery charger. The car will maintain optimal charge level of the battery charger (regular or solar). The battery of your car when the car is not in use.

They do this by providing sufficient power to the car accessories and car computer, so they are constantly switched on from the car’s battery when the car is off. As you can imagine, these chargers are beneficial, especially if you travel or leave your car unused for some time.

It is also useful if you go on very short car trips (such as working and returning each day) and never give a chance to fully recharge your battery. Repeatedly doing this will significantly decrease the battery life-unless you have a car battery booster or interchange batteries, except for a full charge at home.

The most important thing to remember with this tip is to make sure you fully charge your car battery at least once a week as it will increase a lot of life of your battery. Do this with the charger, interchange the battery or just going on a car ride sufficient to recharge the battery.

Tip 6: Check the water level of your car battery

Most cars have batteries when they need water. So check the car battery water level indicator regularly and refill the battery with distilled water (and possibly importantly, use distilled water to refill your car battery) if the water is needed.

Tip 7: Do not overcharge your car battery

Never overcharge your car’s battery. Lead-acid batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases when overcharged.

This causes two problems:

  • It can be explosive.
  • It also breaks down the structure of water in the battery – which shortens its lifetime.

Tip 8: Check your car’s alternator

If you consider doing everything suggested in this article, but the car battery is still dying quickly, wanting to check your car’s alternator (or get a mechanic to check it). If your alternator is defective, it will result in ineffective recharging of your battery and dramatically reduce your battery lifespan.

Important Safety Precautions:

Read the car owner’s manual first before disconnecting your car battery. Generally, if not stated otherwise in the owner manual, the negative cable has to be disconnected first and then the positive cable. When you reconnect the battery, first connect the positive cable and then negative cable.

If done in the wrong order, it can affect the fuses of your car and other electronics. Also, remove your car keys from the ignition before working on the battery. Some cars like German luxury cars, Mercedes Benz and BMW type cars, are more sensitive to this process. So please take extra precautions.

2. If you are charging a battery then do it in a well-ventilated area. If you are installing a car battery that you have installed then you should open the car hood for a few minutes to allow for first ventilation.

What can you do if your battery dies?

If your car battery dies or is in a declining phase, all hope is not lost! You can still recondition the battery and bring it back to life again.

There is actually a really simple method you can learn in the Easy Battery Reconditioning program that will bring a dead 12v lead-acid car battery back to life again. It is simple and quick… And this simple 12v car battery reconditioning method discussed in this article is an extension of the life of your car battery. 

If done in the wrong order, it can greatly affect the fuses of your car and other electronics. Also, remove your car accessories from the ignition before working on the battery. Some are more susceptible to this process than cars – such as German luxury cars (Mercedes Benz and BMW type cars) – so be extra careful.

It is quite easy to make good money fixing batteries through the amazing battery reconditioning program. It lends itself excellently to profitable part-time work which can be grown into an established business if desired. Due to the very low investment required to start up, the real value comes from the expertise. That is not difficult with a recommended trade manual, normally available as an e-book. The demand for battery reconditioning will only grow as will the awareness that batteries can be brought back to life.

The essential equipment needed for effective battery repair are a computer battery analyzer, a smart charger and a hydrometer for lead acid batteries. That’s all.

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