Top 8 Incredible Innovations of Products Made From Plastic Recycling Make You Happy

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In today’s world, plastic is used everywhere because of its unique and highly adaptable properties. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a world free of plastics. However, a large amount of plastic waste such as 6.3 billion tons since 1950 is produced in this process. A lot of efforts are being made to minimize and recycle plastic waste and the developments in that area keep increasing. Actually, plastic is a wonder non-degradable material that must be managed properly through plastic recycling.

Here are innovations in the world which completely changed the waste into the wealth

1) Plastic Roads

Image Source- Google | Image by – BBC

You might have heard many innovative plastic products but have you heard of roads being made from recycled plastics. Many countries around the world, like India, are now constructing roads using plastic waste. It’s a great way to look after the plastic waste that is inevitably dumped into landfills. Indian Scientist Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan made innovations of plastic roads. In 2002, he paved a 60-ft road with plastic-modified bitumen that is still intact. As per his research, for every km, the plastic roads save as much as one tonne of bitumen.

KWS, a VolkerWessels construction company in Europe has first constructed plastic road. A lightweight road design that requires a fraction of the construction time compared to standard roads and one which is virtually maintenance-free. What’s more, these roads are much faster to construct and require little time to know maintenance. They are much more reliable and can last up to three times longer than traditional roads on asphalt. The issue with asphalt roads is that they are unsustainable, brittle and contribute each year to more than 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide worldwide.

But these plastic roads are completely made from 100% recycled material and it is said to be the ideal sustainable alternative to conventional road structures. In December 2019, India used plastic waste to create 34,000 miles of highways. Till now the country has almost 60,000 kilometres of plastic roadways which means for every one-kilometre road construction, they are using one million plastic bags.

2) Tennis shoes

Did you know that every year 8 million metric tons of plastic wind up in our oceans? A shoe collection made from recycled ocean plastic was revealed by Adidas as an effort to bring this waste to good use. This line is a part of their parallel series. The shoe is called ultra boost parallel and it is made in collaboration with Parley for the oceans.

Parley for the Ocean is an environmental organization that offers space for designers, thinkers and leaders to come together and raise awareness of our oceans’ beauty and fragility. In 2016, Parley was able to pull over 740 tons of plastic waste from the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. Adidas is now using the waste to manufacture its shoes and even some shirts in this line. In recent reports, Adidas announced that they will make 15 to 20 million pairs of shoes from ocean plastic by 2024.

3) Recycled plastic for beauty packaging

Image Source- Google| Image by – Ayesha Muttucumaru

Many beauty companies are now adapting packaging made out of recycled plastics. The popular beauty company Lush Cosmetics known for its handmade ingredients has begun using PCR PP packaging for their black pot packages. 100% post-consumer polypropylene is made with this form of packaging. The packaging has a shell and lid that are made using injection moulding. Not all packaging materials can be used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies because of stability and drug packaging material interactions. These packaging options can, however, be used for creams and lotions. They also have an FDA letter of non-objection for 100% content.

4) 3D printed plastic braces

Image Source- Google | Image by – therickmansworthclinic

3D technology is growing rapidly in the plastic industry. It has been monumental in reducing cost and production time making it a necessary one for the manufacturers and the consumers alike. Braces are devices used to correct crowded or crooked teeth are a misaligned job. Traditional metal braces are used to do this but nowadays people like plastic or clear braces because they are easy to use and less noticeable. The problem with these plastic braces is that they’re too expensive. It costs you more than $250 such as more than 20,000 rupees. Thanks to 3D printing devices plastic braces can be made in just $60.

5) Oil from plastic waste

Image Source- Google | Image by – Recyclingtechnologies

This list sounds as interesting as the other recycled plastic inventions. This one takes the first place when it comes to combating the plastic waste problems. A company called Recycling Technologies based in the United Kingdom has created a mission that can turn recycled plastic into Plaxx, a valuable hydrocarbon.CEO of recycling technologies, Adrian Griffiths and a small team have successfully created a machine called the RT-7000. Plaxx can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Plaxx is a low-sulphur hydrocarbon product which, by maintaining the use of crude oil-based materials and growing their carbon footprint that supports the Circular Economy. It is a valuable chemical feedstock which, after processing, can be used for the production of new virgin quality plastic. This breakthrough would definitely help to change the history of plastics. 

6) Polyfuel

A professor and mechanical engineer Satish Kumar in Hyderabad India founded his own company. He sells petrol created from plastic by using the process called Plastic Pyrolysis. The system helps to recycle plastic into gasoline, aviation fuel and petrol. About 500 kg of non-recyclable plastic will produce 400 litres of fuel. As the process occurs in a vacuum, it does not pollute the air. Then they sell that fuel to local industries for just rupees 40 to 50 per litre which is significantly lower than the market price. However, the testing is underway to use fuel for vehicles.

A Pune based company called Rudra Environment Solutions India Ltd.also produces Polyfuel through their plastic recycling plant. It can be used as a source of burning in industries equipment such as in generator, furnace, incinerator, boilers. It can be used as cooking fuel at the same time. A polyfuel is a high-grade fuel that is environment friendly and has a high calorific value. The sulphur output in Polyfuel is 0.17 ppm in comparison to 80 ppm in diesel. So,emissionwise, it is much more cleaner fuel.

7) Tiles

Shayna Ecounified India Pvt. Ltd., the first company in India to manufacture tiles through plastic recycling by using CSR and Grill technology in collaboration with National Physical Laboratory. It’s anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial. It can sustain heat upto 140 degrees celsius of temperature and cold resistance upto -25 degrees celsius. This tile provides a lifetime guarantee of a minimum of 50 years. The tiles if damaged can be reused to manufacture new tiles. They basically use polypropylene(PP), low-density polyethene (LDPE) and High-density polyethene (HDPE). Additionally, during a chemical reaction, when you break the chain reaction of these polymers at a certain temperature, no hazardous gases are released.

8) T-Shirt

Used plastic bottles are diverted from the waste stream for plastic recycling. Then they are washed and sorted by color. Next, the bottles are ground up into only small plastic pellets remain. The pellets are sent to the fibre manufacturer who then melts down the plastic into long thin strands. These strands are chopped into very small links creating a large fluffy ball of fibre. Knitter then takes hundreds of spools of the yarn and knits them into rolls of fabric. The fabric is then dyed and washed. A production partner then cuts out the t-shirt pattern from the fabric and sews the shirts together for us to enjoy. 


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